FLUXUS, LLC is committed to improving the quality of life through a sustainable way of building dignified homes for all. We are an emerging impact enterprise that promises a robust Triple Bottom Line.

Environmental Sustainability 
With minimal wastage of materials and the sustainable use of resources , the Fluxus System implements passive building design principles to minimize energy use, collect renewable energy and sustainably manage water and waste. With superior aesthetics and quality design, the system is also eco-friendly and resistant to natural disasters including fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Social Sustainability 
We believe in the Fluxus System’s excellence in design that can facilitate sustainable communities and enhance the well-being of their inhabitants . Not only does the Fluxus System have the potential to change the lives of its residents, it can assist in regenerating distressed neighborhoods and promote economic benefits, social integration and social mobility.

Economic Sustainability
The efficiencies and scalability of the Fluxus System, place it ahead of most other prefabricated systems. The Fluxus System results in cost saving throughout the construction and development process. These combined benefits result in the delivery of a more affordable housing solution for clients and their local communities both quickly and sustainably.

Turnkey Services
We provide turnkey solutions, including planning, design, engineering, production, delivery and deployment together with our multi-national corporate partners including world-leading suppliers of advanced materials, general contracting, manufacturing, construction management and logistics services providers.

Global Supply Chain
For each project, we lead the consortium that dedicates itself to efficient project execution, along with capital partners around the world, who possess proven experience, exceptional credentials and ability to deliver international projects that may be large scale and complex. This allows our clients to benefit from a global supply chain and competent delivery team.


We are an emerging innovator in prefabricated building , with advanced building materials and a fully integrated technology platform – the Fluxus System. This acts as an effective way of reducing cost, risk and waste, while improving quality and value within the construction industry.

Taking advantage of economies of scale through prefabrication and customization , the system well serves as a cost-effective tool to deliver affordable housing, post-disaster/post-conflict relief and reconstruction.


We are a global provider of a fully scalable, and turnkey solutions for rapid deployment missions around the world. By using preconfigured basic modules that can be adapted to different types of deployments our systems and services can reduce the mission start-up time through standardization and modularization .