FLUXUS’s unique development approach merges art, architecture and cutting edge technology.

Cutting Edge Prefabricated Building Technology:
We are an emerging innovator in prefabricated building, with advanced building materials and a fully integrated technology platform – the Fluxus System. This acts as an effective way of reducing cost, risk and waste, while improving quality and value within the construction industry. The system is adaptive to various needs and environments, while allowing for reconfiguration and expansion of a single module to form clusters, communities and urban development.

Turnkey Services:
We provide turnkey solutions, including planning, design, engineering, production, delivery and deployment together with our multi-national corporate partners including world-leading suppliers of advanced materials, general contracting, manufacturing, construction management and logistics services providers.

Global Supply Chain:
For each project, we lead the consortium that dedicates itself to efficient project execution, along with capital partners around the world, who possess proven experience, exceptional credentials and ability to deliver international projects that may be large scale and complex. This allows our clients to benefit from a global supply chain and competent delivery team.

Fluxus Architectural Legacy
Fluxhouse Cooperatives in SoHo
Notes on Soho And a Reminiscence By Hollis Melton
The Fluxhouse Cooperatives By Charles R. Simpson