Homemaking is the greatest art, FluxHouse™ is testament to the notion of creating a home not simply a house.

FluxHouse™ is an innovative modular building system that allows for a contemporary way of living. It is an eco-friendly design, where passive building design principles are incorporated to minimize energy use, to collect renewable energy and sustainably manage water and waste. It is also resistant to natural disasters including fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. 

The system consists of nine structural components, sliding nonstructural interior walls, and a service cubicle containing plumbing, heating, and kitchen appliances. A series of spaces including living and dining area, study room, bedroom, children’s room, kitchen and bathroom, unfold in a continuous loop around a lively internal courtyard. An abundance of natural sunlight is provided by the wall-height windows and the off-center zen courtyard.

Multi-functional and cost-efficient, FluxHouse™ demonstrates an ideology which values organic usage over visual theatrics as a housing system designed to be sustainable in its production, construction, and use. The design is intended to give developers and occupants considerable flexibility in customizing the space to various functions.

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