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FluxSystem™ our proprietary prefabricated building technology platform, a system and method of assembling smart homes with only nine types of multi-functional building components including the FluxPanel™.


Using FluxSystem™, buildings can be constructed with only 9 types of standardized prefabricated components. The components can be arranged to create a variety of aesthetic, spacious floor plans to abundantly leverage natural lighting, maximize living space and optimize energy efficiency. Because the number of components are dramatically reduced, manufacture is optimized for the factory environment. Quick connection features simplify installations processes at the construction site. Building envelopes are designed and manufactured using high-efficiency and low-carbon footprint insulation materials which exceed current performance standards. As a result, our system can deliver:

  • Improved Safety
  • Minimized Delays
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Improved Quality of Finished Project
  • Improved Energy-Efficiency throughout Project Lifecycle

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Fluxus projects customized for local conditions and aesthetics, can be implemented cost-and-time-efficiently, using advanced cloud-based computerized BIM system for the streamlined planning, design, construction and management throughout the project lifecycles. The small number of physical components in FluxSystem™ with its digital twin enables a very concise workflow in the BIM system accordingly, which leads to high quality database, ease of adoption and lean construction.

It is a smart mechanism based on self-improvement and update. Through continuous practicing and learning in different conditions and based on various specific needs, new concepts and technology will be injected to the previous system to keep optimizing and becoming smarter.


Scaffold for Smart Building Technologies

FluxSystem™’s 9 standardized pre-fab components provide an interconnected network performing both structural and servicing functions. As the structural components are inter-locked with one another, the whole structure is greatly strengthened, and the outer edges can be used to place weather seal and as tracks for movable panels (doors, windows etc.), air ducts, electric conduits and pre-built conduits for wireless networks.

The system is also designed to smoothly incorporate other smart home technologies from the outset. While currently we don’t pursue the role for ourselves in data collection and management of IoT devices, we can provide built-in IoT interfaces as an integral part of our prefab panels. We are committed to implementing transparency and privacy principles by providing user choice and control, and increasing the interoperability of data generated by different devices, acting as system platforms for other tech companies to build value-added services.

Manufacturing and Design for 5G-Friendly Building Solutions

In the not too distant future, building connectivity will become an important buying criterion for future homeowners and housing providers. While 5G technology offers many exciting possibilities, building design and construction methods must be carefully managed to optimize signal integrity throughout the structure. At Fluxus, we believe successful integration of sensors, antennas, control systems and other components into the building envelop is best managed in a factory scale setting. Industrialization of connected buildings with compatible IoT interfaces will serve to leverage the full power of 5G. This system approach will be an important competitive differentiator in the building and construction market.

Fluxus is actively seeking development partners to develop and deploy prefabricated building systems with a focus on developing low cost, high performance building control systems. With technology advances and high computing speeds, building control systems that up to now could only be economically implemented in large, complex structures will be readily adapted to the household environment. Fast, efficient and seamless data streaming will allow the envelope to communicate with HVAC systems, security systems, lighting, appliances and other devices to reduce energy consumption while simultaneously enhancing occupant living experiences. Prefabricated panels can be an excellent scaffold to integrate these technologies. They can be designed to be either 5G transparent or opaque depending on the desired functionality. Pre-installation of system components such as fiberoptic cables, sensors and signal boosters can simplify on-site commissioning processes. Careful placement of structural materials can minimize the risk of signal interference.

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