We are committed to scaling solutions for providing sustainable and affordable housing, and building dignified homes for all.

We pioneer a new type of prefabrication model with Industry 4.0 applications along with sustainable building materials, which will continue to challenge today’s regulation and yesterday’s mindset of building industry, in order to truly leverage the innovation of the next generation mass-production leading to economies of scale.

The FluxSystem™ is a building technology platform with only 9 standardized multi-functional components that greatly simplifies and improves prefab building production and delivery. It is this innovation platform that combines concise design, advanced manufacturing, and a streamlined supply chain that ensures high quality sustainable developments.

By using preconfigured basic modules that can be adapted to different types of deployments our systems and services can reduce the mission start-up time through standardization and modularization. The system well serves as a cost-effective tool to deliver affordable housing, post-disaster/post-conflict relief and reconstruction.