FLUXUS Limited Liability Company was founded in New York in 2013 to develop and implement Fluxus System, from theoretical design through proof-of-concept and into mass-production.

Fluxus LLC has a team of passionate and capable entrepreneurs and professionals, and is working with top engineering firms, manufacturers and research institutions around the world who share a common vision and passion to deliver fully scalable and bespoke solutions with a wide range of flexible, cost-effective and energy efficient products based on the Fluxus System, with a special focus on affordable housing, post-disaster/post-conflict relief and reconstruction.


FLUXUS LLC is an emerging impact enterprise that promises a robust Triple Bottom Line.

Social: Founded on the premise that decent housing is not a luxury, but a right, FLUXUS is dedicated to improving the availability and quality of housing in communities at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

Environmental: With minimal wastage of materials and sustainable use of resources, FLUXUS system further applies advanced building materials which are structurally sound, lightweight, recyclable, and resistant to natural disasters.

Economic: Scaling the FLUXUS prefabricated building system can save up to 60% cost and 75% time.