“It is our belief that the introduction of an artistic nucleus as FluxHouse into such an area can pave the way for other similar projects and perhaps initiate the conversion of a marginal and deteriorating commercial district into a cultural center with value extending far beyond the immediate bounds of the community. “

— George Maciunas, A Step in the Direction of a Solution, Fluxhouse, Plan for an Artist Condominium in New York City, c. 1966

Our brand’s heritage can be traced back to more than half a century ago, when the renowned FLUXUS art movement’s founder, social entrepreneur George Maciunas proposed Maciunas Prefabricated Building System to solve mass housing shortages, and drafted “Fluxhouse, Plan for an Artist Condominium in New York City (1966)” in recognition of the scarcity of economical working and living space for artists is part of the general problem arising from urban obsolescence and decay, and formed FluxHouse Cooperatives in SoHo (1966-1975) as a non-profit corporation to purchase, renovate and maintain suitable buildings for creative communities’ occupancy.

The combined efforts of Maciunas’ architectural, urban and social ventures served as a successful case study for socially conscious real estate development model that is being copied around the world.