2017. 04  Symposium on Risk Management and Financing for Startups at Columbia Business School

2016. 08  Fluxus LLC CEO Kicks Off a Collective Initiative to Tackle Global Housing Challenge In the Age of Climate Change

2016. 06  Fluxus LLC Opening New Office in Detroit

2016. 05  Fluxus LLC CEO Presenting at Alliance Bernstein L.P.

2016. 05  Fluxus LLC Opens New Office in Boston

2016.04  Fluxus LLC attending XPRIZE Visioneering for Refugee Housing Innovation

2016. 04  Fluxus System at Impact Design Hub by Autodesk Foundation

2016. 03  Fluxus LLC CEO Presenting at China Investment Group

2015. 05  Fluxus LLC CEO among the Winning Team at Solve for X Design Sprint at Google NYC Moonshot

2014. 09  Fluxus As Architecture Series

2014. 06  Fluxus Prefab System at International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

2014. 06  FluxHouse Lecture & Conference in Bern, Switzerland

2014. 09  Fluxus In China at Beijing Design Week

2013. 11  Essay: George Maciunas and Le Corbusier

2008. 07  Maciunas Prefabricated Building System at Exhibition: Home Delivery – The Museum of Modern Art