Fluxus LLC CEO among the Winning Team at Solve for X Design Sprint at Google NYC Moonshot

New York, NY – April 15, 2015 – Ms. Fanyu Lin, CEO of FLUXUS LLC, together with Dr. Michael Trachtenberg, CEO at Greenhouse Gas Industries, LLC, Dr. Rahel Jhirad, Dr. Jan Zimmermann, Dr. Xiao Ma, Mr. Lewis Groswald, Chief Communications Officer at New York University Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making, teamed up for a modular building, modular energy and modular city solution, wining the Solve for X Design Sprint at Google NYC Moonshot.

This time, Solve for X Google Moonshot is looking for innovative and curious individuals who are eager to come solve some of NYC’s toughest challenges. The design sprint was a half-day iterative brainstorming and prototyping process, adopted from the Google Ventures Design Sprint guidelines.

Why is this important?

Currently, there are not enough moonshot projects to meet the challenges facing humanity. And in NYC in particular, we have a lot of difficult challenges that require moonshot thinking to resolve.

What’s a moonshot?

Each Solve for X proposal (what we refer to as a ‘tech moonshot’) addresses a complex, global problem with a radical solution that makes use of a novel application of existing science or technology, or a game-changing breakthrough.

Google Moonshot 3

Google Moonshot 1Fanyu Lin from Fluxus at Google Moonshot 1

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