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Fluxus LLC CEO Presenting at Alliance Bernstein L.P.

New York, NY – May 24, 2016 – Ms. Fanyu Lin, CEO of FLUXUS, LLC presented at Alliance Bernstein L.P. and was interviewed by MSNBC News anchor and journalist Richard Lui.

Speaking Tuesday evening in New York at the China-US Business Alliance 5th anniversary celebration at Alliance Bernstein L.P., Fanyu Lin presented the investment opportunity to invest in FLUXUS, an emerging impact enterprise that promises a robust Triple Bottom Line.

Lin said, “Together, we are incubating a breakthrough technology to provide a truly affordable housing solution in post-disaster and post-conflict situations, which is becoming politically, economically and morally the biggest challenge facing humanity today.” In the following interview session with Richard Lui, Lin further explained the market size, business model, financial plan, and traction, which painted a clear picture of how FLUXUS earns impact investors a good financial return while help raise quality of life for the world’s under-privileged communities.

Fanyu Lin Presenting FLUXUS LLC at Alliance Bernstein

Fanyu Lin Presenting FLUXUS LLC at Alliance Bernstein. Interview by MSNBC News anchor Richard Lui

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