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Fluxus LLC Opens New Office in Boston

Boston, MA – May 2016 – FLUXUS, LLC, an impact enterprise and emerging innovator of industrialized housing systems, opens new office in Boston, at UMass Boston, Venture Development Center (VDC), 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125-3393.

A smarter system for manufacturing modular buildings, Fluxus is an emerging innovator in prefabricated buildings.

We are excited to have Fluxus as one of the business partners here at the VDC.

Venture Development Center

Designed to accelerate time to investment and market in Boston and worldwide, the VDC is successfully building high potential companies impacting the most lucrative and cutting-edge industries.

FLUXUS is expanding business presence in Boston, Massachusetts, with the promises to bring innovation of advanced manufacturing to the region, and to address local affordable housing strategy in the long term.

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