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Fluxus LLC Opening New Office in Detroit

Detroit, MI – June 2016 – FLUXUS, LLC, an impact enterprise and emerging innovator of industrialized housing systems, is opening a new office in Detroit. FLUXUS aims to help catalyzing sustainable growth in Detroit through advanced manufacturing of the Fluxus System – an innovative prefabricated building system – to build affordable housing.

Detroit is a city of global economic assets, including intermodal border crossings and industrial infrastructure that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the region. Detroit is home to a civic network of committed, proactive community-based and philanthropic organizations. It is also a land-rich environment that can accommodate growth and innovation without displacement. Detroit has great potential to reposition itself as Michigan’s leading urban center once again, if there is a coordinated regional urban agenda that enables more mutually beneficial relationships with the region, state, and nation.


FLUXUS is planning to establish innovation, R&D, and production center of the Fluxus System in Detroit, to enhance Detroit’s existing infrastructure and manufacturing facilities, address local affordable housing strategy, foster local employment and attract talents, and to create export model for the region.

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