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Fluxus LLC CEO Awarded Social Capital Markets Social Entrepreneur

August 27, 2017

“It is no easy task, but you are not alone. Impact enterprise will be a new normal for businesses guided by long term visions for sustainable development, where social, environmental and financial returns are valued equally. ” — Fanyu Lin, quote for Huffington Post

Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) is the world’s leading organization on impact investing and social enterprise, dedicated to accelerating a new global market at the intersection of Money + Meaning.

In recognition of innovative entrepreneurs for their commitment to building businesses that will create a positive impact in their communities and across the world, Social Capital Markets is excited to present the 2017 cohort of social entrepreneurs who awarded this year’s scholarships. Fluxus LLC CEO Fanyu Lin is amongst this group of winning entrepreneurs from 32 countries across the globe.

Entrepreneur Scholarship Winners

We recognize these entrepreneurs for their outstanding ideas, inspiring stories, and passion for creating sustainable business models.

— Social Capital Markets

Fluxus LLC an emerging impact enterprise and technology company, devoted to improving the quality of life through a new way of building sustainable and affordable housing in communities from the Bottom of the Pyramid across the economic spectrum. With novel prefabricated building systems to drive down cost and improve both quality and performance, the company also places a special focus on developing scalable solutions to post-disaster, post-conflict relief and reconstruction.

This entrepreneurial enterprise’s heritage can be traced back to more than half a century ago, when the renowned Fluxus art movement’s founder, social entrepreneur George Maciunas proposed Maciunas Prefabricated Building System to solve mass housing shortages, and drafted “Fluxhouse, Plan for an Artist Condominium in New York City (1966)” in recognition of the scarcity of economical working and living space for artists is part of the general problem arising from urban obsolescence and decay, and formed FluxHouse Cooperatives in SoHo (1966-1975) as a non-profit corporation to purchase, renovate and maintain suitable buildings for creative communities’ occupancy. The combined efforts of Maciunas’ architectural, urban and social ventures served as a successful case study for socially conscious real estate development model that is being copied around the world, as Maciunas envisioned:

“It is our belief that the introduction of an artistic nucleus as FluxHouse into such an area can pave the way for other similar projects and perhaps initiate the conversion of a marginal and deteriorating commercial district into a cultural center with value extending far beyond the immediate bounds of the community. “

— George Maciunas, A Step in the Direction of a Solution, Fluxhouse, Plan for an Artist Condominium in New York City, c. 1966

Built on the legacy of Maciunas’, Fluxus LLC is embracing the power of social entrepreneurship, and its potential to make sustainable impacts through scalable business models and strategies.

The company aims to deliver a robust Triple Bottom Line with social, environmental, economic impacts through building technology innovation:

Environmental Sustainability:
With sustainable use of resources, minimal wastage of materials, superior aesthetics and quality design, the Fluxus System is eco-friendly and resistant to natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Social Sustainability:
We believe in the Fluxus System’s excellence in design that can facilitate sustainable communities and enhance the well-being of their inhabitants. Not only does the Fluxus System have the potential to change the lives of its residents, it can assist in regenerating distressed neighborhoods and promote economic benefits, social integration and social mobility.

Economic Sustainability:
The efficiencies and scalability of the Fluxus System, place it ahead of most other prefabricated systems. The Fluxus System results in cost saving throughout the construction and development process. These combined benefits result in the delivery of a more affordable housing solution for clients and their local communities both quickly and sustainably.

Social Capital Markets (SOCAP)

Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) is in the vanguard of the emerging global impact economy —  convening ideas and capital to catalyze world change. We are a network of investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders addressing the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions. For more than ten years, we have achieved our goals through a series of events, initiatives, and partnerships that leverage the power and effectiveness of collaboration.

Our world-renowned conference series is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital toward social good. SOCAP’s flagship event each fall in San Francisco is the leading gathering for impact investors and social entrepreneurs. We take a unique approach that emphasizes cross-sector convening and gathers voices across a broad spectrum to achieve unexpected yet impactful connections. From the leading edge to established players, SOCAP brings together global innovators, investors, foundations, governments, institutions, and social entrepreneurs to build the world we want to leave to future generations. We actively seek out opportunities to accelerate the market at the intersection of money and meaning.

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