James Salter Joins Fluxus LLC Advisory Board to Assist in Establishing Real Estate Development Platform

“I have sincere excitement for Fluxus organization and have confidence in my ability to help with achieving its goal to establish a sustainable company that will effectively allows for the participation in real estate development opportunities to build affordable housing worldwide.” — James B. Salter, CCI, CCPM, Founder of Construction Management & Development, Inc.

Photo of James B. Salter. Photos by North America Photography Association

Last October at Columbia University, Mr. James Salter addressed affordable housing investment opportunity on the panel about Public-Private Partnerships at the forum “Investment in U.S. Infrastructure and Development of an Inclusive Community for All”. According to Mr. Salter, affordable housing is the “low hanging fruit” of Manhattan infrastructure investment, with a proximately 16 percent internal rate of return could be achieved and project could be completed in three to four years.

“It is our great honor to have Mr. Salter joining our advisory board,” said Fanyu Lin, Chief Executive Officer of Fluxus LLC, “He is passionate about building affordable housing, and has a deep understanding of the development process. We look forward to his leadership in establishing a critical path to build Fluxus’ real estate development platform.”

“We agree with Mr. Salter’s vision for Fluxus to be a global real estate developer of mass housing, where prefabrication technology and advanced building materials play the critical roles,” said Harry Stendhal, Chief Visionary Officer of Fluxus LLC.

About James B. Salter, C.C.I., C.P.M.

Mr. James Salter is the founder of Construction, Management & Development, Inc. (CM&D) and a founding board member of Rose Rock Fund among other roles. His career in the construction industry spans over three decades with extensive experience with large-scale development projects.

Mr. Salter is presently managing in excess of three billion dollars of projects in the USA, Asia, India, South/Central America and the Middle East. He has assisted developers in the financial structuring of billions of dollars of equity and debt as a development manager and project director. Mr. Salter’s reputation on Wall Street and the Capital Markets is stellar and he avails his contacts in that field with his clients. “We are ever dedicated to our client’s vision of their project and their anticipated ROI, while constantly identifying and mitigating potential risks,” stated James Salter.

Professional Licensing & Associations

  • Certified Construction Inspector
  • American Resort Development Assn. (ARDA)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Assn. for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Association of Construction Inspectors (ACI)
  • General Contractors Association (GCA)

Special Skills

  • Development Strategy and Planning
  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Value/Cost Engineering Analysis
  • Critical Path Design and Performance
  • Arbitration for Construction, Development Disputes and Issues

About Fluxus LLC

Fluxus LLC was founded in 2013 to develop the Fluxus System, a prefabricated building technology platform that provides an efficient way to build both affordable quality homes and create sustainable communities across the economic spectrum.


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