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Michael Gallagher, Innovation Leader and Retired Executive from Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) Joins Fluxus LLC Advisory Board to Lead Technology & Business Innovation

October 6, 2017

“The Fluxus mission to develop and deliver low cost, sustainably designed buildings has great vision and promise. I am excited to help the Fluxus team realize this goal.” 

– Michael T. Gallagher

After a successful and rewarding 38 year career at Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience), Mr. Michael Gallagher joins Fluxus LLC to help develop and execute our business growth strategy, with a special focus on achieving triple bottom line results for environmental, social and economic sustainability.

“We are very fortunate to have Mike joining us as an executive advisor to bring his extraordinary knowledge and experience of leading business innovation at a multi-billion-dollar and publicly traded international company, and with his passion about helping social enterprise to deliver real impacts,” Fanyu Lin, Chief Executive Officer of Fluxus LLC.

Photo of Michael Gallagher

Before Bayer MaterialScience separated from Bayer AG and officially adopted the new name Covestro in September 2015, Mr. Gallagher was the North American Head of Innovation at Bayer’s $12 billion materials science division, leading a senior level interdisciplinary team. He oversaw open innovation and business development with academia, startup companies, government agencies, national labs and prime contractors in collaboration with all company business units.

He also served on executive board on three consortia, each of which are aligned with Bayer MaterialScience’s commitment to sustainable business development and innovation. The Water Economy Network, Energy Efficient Building Consortium and the Electrochemical Pathways for Sustainable Manufacturing organizations. Each seek to enable business growth using sustainable product and process technologies.

“With his expertise in innovation, science and sustainability, Mike’s contributions will be invaluable as Fluxus continues to expand its horizons,” said Mr. Jeffrey Schwab, Partner and Intellectual Property Counsel of Fluxus LLC.

In recognition of the potential in prefabricated solutions as novel systems to provide a means to drive down cost and improve both quality and performance, Mr. Gallagher will play key roles in the R&D and commercialization of Fluxus prefab system, and more importantly, in the critical process of establishing a bottom-up economic model to demonstrate that the supply chain can deliver the Fluxus solution functionally, profitably and compliantly to achieve the target affordability.

According to Mr. Gallagher’s initial assessment of Fluxus’ value proposition and growth strategy, “If it could be demonstrated that the societal cost of sub-standard, low income housing is greater than your innovative approach, I personally believe you would attract investment across the value chain.” He will also assist in the evaluation of different financing models to assure Fluxus’ target market has means to sustain and grow its product offerings.

As a long-time innovation leader, Mr. Gallagher has a very practical and well-balanced perspective on technological revolution in the construction industry. “The building industry is very conservative. And new building codes and adoption usually lag well behind innovation. Nonetheless, there are numerous interesting demonstration projects around the world. As with anything new, there are tradeoffs and challenges to overcome. There are a few that come to mind… Of course good design innovation can go a long way.”

Biography of Michael T. Gallagher

About Fluxus LLC
Fluxus LLC was founded in 2013 to develop the Fluxus System, a prefabricated building technology platform that provides an efficient way to build both affordable quality homes and create sustainable communities across the economic spectrum.


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