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“Urban Housing & Fluxus” Lecture at Urban Psychology Forum “Healthy cities: How Special is New York?” at Fordham University

June 22, 2018

“How can we make cities more healthy?” As humans world-wide move into cities, how is NYC a model for other cities? This forum brings together several experts to review this question.

Fluxus LLC is pleased to present “Urban Housing & Fluxus” at the urban psychology forum “Healthy cities: How Special is New York?” hosted by Dr. Harold Takooshian at Fordham University, in cooperation with The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues New York (SPSSI-NY) and Manhattan Psychological Association.

27 June 2018, Wednesday 2:30 pm

Fordham University, 113 West 60th Street, Room 602

Forum Chair
Harold Takooshian, PhD, Fordham Urban Studies & SPSSI

Welcome Remark
Lee Michael Klein, Gothamist & Wikipedian

Lectures & Speakers

  • NYC, its forgotten past: Justin Rivers, UntappedCities.com
  • 50 years of Environmental: Melissa W. Search, Fordham-Psychology
  • The NYC noise code: Arline L. Bronzaft, PhD, Chair, Comm. on Noise, GrowNYC
  • Bicycle city: David Vassar, Fordham-Quinn Library
  • Urban housing & Fluxus: Fanyu Lin & Harry Stendhal, www.Fluxus-prefab.com

The Urban Housing & Fluxus lecture will present “Fluxhouse, Plan for an Artist Condominium in New York City (1966)” and FluxHouse Cooperatives in SoHo (1966-1975), which created the “SoHo Effect” that has continued to resound in urban environments across New York City and the world, and today’s plan to improve the quality of life utilizing intelligent manufacturing and industrialized method to build sustainable and affordable housing in communities including for millennials, seniors, veterans, as well as people with disabilities.


About Dr. Harold Takooshian

Harold Takooshian has been a member of the faculty at Fordham University since 1975. Dr. Takooshian is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and serves as Secretary and Program Committee Chair at The Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN) Executive Committee. 

Dr. Takooshian’s research interests focus on applied social/personality psychology, industrial psychology, applied psychometrics, attitude survey research methods, urban psychology, ethnicity and feminism, cross-cultural psychology, and student excellence.

He has served as a national officer or President of Psi Chi (1993-2000), President of APA Divisions of International Psychology (2003) and General Psychology (2007), chair of the New York group of SPSSI, and a representative of APA to the United Nations. In 2010 Psi Chi honored Dr. Takooshian with the Florence L. Denmark National Faculty Advisor Award.

About The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI-NY)

Founded in 1936, SPSSI is a group of over 3000 scientists from psychology and related fields and others who share a common interest in research on the psychological aspects of important social and policy issues. In various ways, SPSSI seeks to bring theory and practice into focus on human problems of the group, the community, and nations, as well as the increasingly important problems that have no national boundaries.

About Manhattan Psychological Association

Founded in 1992, Manhattan Psychological Association is a Manhattan-based professional organization and a regional affiliate of the New York State Psychological Association. It is a professional community for psychologists who live and/or work in Manhattan, NYC, whose mission is to serve the public through education and to develop the skills of psychologists in the Tri-State area.

About Fluxus LLC

Fluxus LLC was founded in 2013 to develop the Fluxus System, a prefabricated building technology platform that provides an efficient way to deliver sustainable and affordable housing with intelligent manufacturing and industrialized method to build in communities across the economic spectrum.


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