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Wooden Structures and Smart Structures at 2017 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS)

October 18, 2017

The Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS), an emerging international biennial devoted to art, architecture and urban practices, hosted the grand opening of its 2017 edition on October 15, 2017.

Themed “this(dis)CONNECTION”, SUSAS 2017 explores the topic of “Sharing a Future Public Space”, in relation to urban renewal, new physical and virtual infrastructure, spatial typology, micro-regeneration, production of urban cultural space, global-local urban construction in the city of Shanghai and beyond.

Invited exhibitors include notable and emerging architects and design firms, such as B.I.G, James Corner Field Operations, West 8, SASAKI, Heatherwick Studio, MVRDV, Yangsong Ma, Atelier Deshaus, Atelier FCJZ, Alejandro Zara-Polo, Francis Kere, Ecosystem Urbano, Jorge Raedo, Rural Urban Framework, Andrés Jaque, Zigeng Wang, Instituto Pedra; and artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Yue Lv, Wei Shen, Ran Cheng, Yongping Huang, Zhijie Qiu, Fabien Giraud, Hans op de Beeck; and technology companies such as Xkool, Fab-Union, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, among others.

Photo from Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS) website

“Wooden Structures and Smart Structures: Modularity in Yingzao Fashi and Fluxus Prefab System”, a research first exhibited at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia in 2014, is now featured at this year’s SUSAS from October 2017 through January 2018.

“Why do we study Yingzao Fashi, a Chinese architectural treatise published 900 years ago during Song Dynasty. Not only is it an architectural classic produced at the height of an era flourishing with architectural advancements, more importantly, it is a historical guidebook harboring potential knowledge for modern application.” said Zhenning Fang, co-author of Wooden Structures and Smart Structures and Chief Curator of 2017 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season.

“It is a starting point for discussion of a more general kind – how to evolve modernity from historical wisdom,” said Fluxus LLC CEO Fanyu Lin, co-author of Wooden Structures and Smart Structures, “we are learning from Fluxus founder George Maciunas’ pioneering development model of Fluxhouse Cooperatives that helped transform SoHo in lower Manhattan from a post-industrial neighborhood into a thriving area for arts and culture, which has also become an example for combating the issue of gentrification in urban renewal efforts.”

As part of cultural-led urban regeneration plan in Shanghai, SUSAS is designed to establish a brand and proof-of-concept for “Culture Enriches City. Art Enlightens Space.” Its main exhibition venue is located at Minsheng Port in Pudong New Area in Shanghai, which covers an area of about 110,000 square meters, and used to be a grain and sugar terminal. With the platform of SUSAS, the Mingshen Port will take the lead in reconstruction and renovation to transform this post-industrial site into a cultural hotspot.

Wooden Structures and Smart Structures: Modularity in Yingzao Fashi and Fluxus Prefab System. Authors:  Zhenning Fang, Fanyu Lin. Contributor: Harry Stendhal.

“Wooden Structures and Smart Structures” at 2017 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season. Curator: Fang Zhenning. Participants: Fang Zhenning, Lin Fanyu

“Wooden Structures and Smart Structures” at 2017 SUSAS. Photos by Exhibition Curator Fang Zhenning


About Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS) 2017

SUSAS 2017 is hosted by Shanghai Urban Sculptures Committee, and organized by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Planning and Land Resources, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio Film&TV, and People’s Government of Pudong New Area. The Chief Curators are Stefano Boeri, Li Xiangning and Fang Zhenning.

About Curator Fang Zhenning

Mr. Fang Zhenning is an artist, critic, curator and independent scholar of art and architecture. Currently based in Beijing, Mr. Fang is a member of the Curator Committee of the China Artists Association; he was the curator of the China Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition (Venice Biennale) in 2012. Mr. Fang lectures at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) School of Architecture and School of Design; he is also a professor at the Graduate School of Architecture Design and Art of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA).

About Fluxus LLC

Fluxus LLC was founded in 2013 to develop the Fluxus System, a prefabricated building technology platform that provides an efficient way to build both affordable quality homes and create sustainable communities across the economic spectrum.


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