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Fluxus on Coliving Insights: Designing a New Way of Living

March 2021

How coliving can harness purposeful design, development and technology to advance social impact and sustainability.

Sustainability, affordability, community and wellbeing – how can these core pillars of coliving be woven into the very fabric of a physical building? Due to the shifting needs of residents within the background of investor and city demands, deliverance lies in embedding smart technologies into design, fabrication and construction methods. By integrating technologies like Internet-of-Things (IoT), robotics and digitisation into the building process itself, coliving can begin with a modern foundation that provides benefits beyond what ordinary accommodation can offer. To kick off our journey into this edition (and the overall coliving user journey), prefab experts Fluxus explain how all of these things serve to design “a truly new way of living.”

Coliving Insights Edition N°5

Coliving Insights Edition N°5 Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology

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