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FluxHouse™  affordable and sustainable smart home, built through intelligent manufacturing and industrialized methods coupled with digital innovations in construction processes.


We aim to provide high quality solutions at a price point that is affordable for most low income families. Using our proprietary technology FluxSystem™, we can create a wide variety of designs using a system of only 9 prefabricated components, each performing multiple functions. Most importantly, the small number of components and simple constructs are well suited for large scale industrialized manufacturing processes. This serves to reduce capital investment requirements, facilitate automation and drive in quality and reliability, thus enable us to scale housing solutions to deliver genuine affordability and beautiful design for everyone. 


We design FluxHouse™ buildings to be sustainable in its production, construction, and use. They are engineered to withstand natural disasters including fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes, and designed with passive building principles to reduce energy consumption by increasing insulation, reducing heat loss and air infiltration and using heat from the sun. Building envelopes composed of FluxPanel™ are designed and manufactured using high efficiency, low carbon footprint insulation materials. 


It is smart above all. Enabling technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), building controls, robotics and digitization can now be inexpensively integrated into the building process with reliable quality and high performance. Our fully integrated IoT interfaces are designed to smoothly incorporate other smart home technologies from the outset. The real-time IoT data generated through occupancy sensing allows buildings to learn and adapt to the behaviors of its occupants. Taking this to scale for widespread adoption could have a significant impact on energy efficiency and quality of life.