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Founded in 2013 in New York City, Fluxus LLC is a privately held construction technology company and impact enterprise, committed to delivering affordable housing through a prefab building platform that leverages networks of global partners and innovations in smart city technologies, green building materials, intelligent design, industrialization and digitalization of construction.

Our Commitment

Social Impact

We are an impact enterprise with a core mission to improve quality of life through a new way of building homes in communities across the economic spectrum. We are dedicated to delivering a robust triple bottom line.

Green Economy

We believe that energy-efficient housing solutions can play a critical role in accelerating the green economy and realizing a low-carbon future. We are working with key stakeholders of the global effort in combating climate crisis to jointly scale innovations that allow reduced carbon emissions and pollution, enhanced energy and resource efficiency.

Smart Future

The Fourth Industrial Revolution provides an unprecedented opportunity and incentive for a smarter construction model to occur, even though the construction industry lags well behind other industries in its adoption of emerging technologies. We believe industrialization of connected buildings with compatible Internet-of-Things (IoT) interfaces can push the boundaries of what a smart home can mean.

Our System Solution


affordable and sustainable smart home, built with intelligent manufacturing and industrialized methods coupled with digital innovations in construction processes.

FluxHouse™ Generative

state-of-the-art AI-enabled design and management toolkit for developers and governments to assess and deploy affordable housing projects using FluxSystem™ developed in collaboration with Arcadis.


our proprietary prefabricated building technology platform, a system and method of assembling smart homes with only nine types of multi-functional building components including the FluxPanel™.


a concise set of standardized prefabricated building panels for smart home construction, integrated with quick connection features, IoT interfaces, and high efficiency continuous insulation which exceeds current performance standards.