Founded in 2013 in New York, Fluxus LLC is a construction technology company and impact enterprise, committed to providing affordable, energy-efficient and aesthetic housing solution for low-to-middle-income communities by leveraging innovations in modern building materials, intelligent design, prefabrication, industrialization and digitalization of construction. The company is developing design and manufacturing strategies for 5G-friendly buildings.

Environmental Sustainability 
With minimal wastage of materials and the sustainable use of resources, the FluxSystem™ implements passive building design principles to minimize energy use, collect renewable energy and sustainably manage water and waste. With superior aesthetics and quality design, the system is also eco-friendly and resistant to natural disasters including fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Social Sustainability 
We believe in the FluxSystem™’s excellence in design that can facilitate sustainable communities and enhance the well-being of their inhabitants. Not only does the Fluxus System have the potential to change the lives of its residents, it can assist in regenerating distressed neighborhoods and promote economic benefits, social integration and social mobility.

Economic Sustainability
The efficiencies and scalability of the FluxSystem™, place it ahead of most other prefabricated systems. The system results in cost saving throughout the construction and development process. These combined benefits result in the delivery of a more affordable housing solution for clients and their local communities both quickly and sustainably.

Message from Fluxus Team